Enki the Dog

This is Enki the Dog.

Named for the Sumerian god of water and mischief (among other things), he has four modes of operation: play, hungry, asleep, and play.  As you can imagine, his favorite thing to do in the world is play.  Want to be his friend?  Play.  Not sure if he’ll like you when you meet him?  Play.  Don’t have a toy?  Grab a stick!  This dog loves sticks!  Just be sure to play.

Despite his unhealthy and energetic obsession with sticks, discs, balls, bones, and rope he’s surprisingly well behaved, responding to the basic commands of “sit,” “stay,” “lie down,” “roll over,” “drop it,” “get it,” and the most frequent command, “stop.”

Altogether, he’s a pretty darn adorable companion.